Barbara Plescia

I love my saddle so much!

I went to Hidden Valley with my group at 8:00 and just got back. We did our arena work and the obstacle course and then for a ride. They all had to ride in my new saddle on Link and they all just loved it! It is so very comfy, I just love everything about it! The leather strings and loops are so nice. The stirrups were a bit weird at first, the thickness on the pads flatten out which made it much better. Link liked the saddle too – easier on his back.

Thank you so much….You and Bill were absolutely fantastic! I wish, I would have gone through you two long time ago…Now, I have to save my money a buy another saddle for my Haflinger/Belgain Sunny.

Barbara Plescia


It is awesome like all of my other ones!
Thanks for inventing such a great product. (my horses thank you also;-)
Have a super day!


Kathy Baldwin and Liz Malcome

My sister and I bought saddles in the spring of 2009. We were going on
the ‘Best of America- by Horseback’ Border to Border ride from Mexico
to Canada and wanted to get the best saddles for our horses. We took
one horse each for the ride. We had contacted Julie Capaldi about
these saddles. She came to our farm, introduced us to the saddles and
taught us how to fit them to our horses. At the beginning of the ride
in El Paso, TX, Dave was gracious enough to come and do the final fit
for the horses.

We rode approximately 2000 miles in 5 months with minimal discomfort
to our horses or ourselves. The saddles held up well through desert,
mountains, and rivers. We were able to make adjustments on the saddles
as the horses lost weight and built muscle. Our saddles look used but
in great condition and we are using them on the trails and at shows
now. We enjoy the light weight, good looks, and ease of use of these
saddles. My saddle is an A line western and Liz has a ranch type
western. Both have a flat seat. We recommend these saddles to anyone
concerned about their horses back. Many Thanks to Dave and Julie.

Kathy Baldwin and Liz Malcome
Madison, Georgia

Mike Keretzman & Truely Wonderful

I received my Eurolight Saddle yesterday[2-07-2012] afternoon.

I was impressed with its looks and style.

Later yesterday[2-07-2012], Terry Pieper came and fitted the saddle.

I have to tell you, as much as I was impressed with the saddle, I was that much more impressed with Terry.

She demonstrated her knowledge and passion to provide my horse Truely with a proper fitting saddle.

This to me was an added feature to the quality of your product and the service that you provide.

After Terry finished with the fitting, I took Truely out for a ride. The saddle and fit was perfect. There was no slipping of the saddle, I was comfortable in the saddle and Truely’s movements were smooth and fluid.

I would like to thank Specialized Saddles and Terry Pieper for an excellent product and service.


Mike Keretzman & Truely Wonderful

Dave Dashner

Here is my story.

Ok, so my wife is Sharon Roper, a very successful Specialized Saddles dealer, but I have to tell my story. Trust me if you knew me you would know I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic if it weren’t all true.

Since Sharon became a Specialized dealer I have heard all these great stories from new owners. I watched Sharon on the NATRC rides go from losing points from a sore back, no matter what she did with pads and saddles, to perfect performance and this year riding open class, which is 30 miles, 10 miles longer than previous years.

Well I have my own story. The western saddle I have been using fit fairly well, didn’t have too many sore back problem but it would not stay put. The saddle would slide forward past the withers even with just cantering, imagine with steep hills, regardless of various pads I tried. I now have my very own Eurolight. and man, what a difference. This saddle doesn’t even have to be cinched tight to stay put. At the NATRC ride in NM we were ahead in time so we stopped for 30 minutes and I loosened the cinch 3 holes on the billets. We remounted and then did a 1/2 mile trot to the P&R. After the P&R we walked over to the water and then I noticed that I had forgotten to tighten the cinch. A mount, dismount and trot and that saddle didn’t move one whit with the cinch dangling! That is a miracle to Jabez and I. He has become so quiet, amazing for a left brained extrovert, like his owner. An extra bonus with this saddle is I change the pads and I can get the same fit on Nakala. It is a wonderful product!!

Dave Dashner
Grand Junction, Colorado

Lee Hutten

Hi David,

I want to thank you again for your support. I adore my saddle and it has done so much to improve my mare’s back. After a competition, Jazz would always get B’s on her back and be very sore for the next couple days, no matter the terrain. With the Specialized, we got it to fit pretty much perfectly, and she came out of her ride in great shape. We went to the OCTRA Spring Ride and entered the FEI** 75mile. This ride was filled with rolling hills and a couple of very good climbs. I was expecting her to be at least a little back sore at the end because we have no hills to condition on but her back was fantastic and not sore or tight in any way! I was amazed at how good her back was, but also at how she moves out in it! She is much more comfortable and so am I.

We completed the ride in 4th place in a time of 9:29.  With this ride, Jazz and I are officially qualified to compete at the World Junior Young Rider Championships in Abu Dhabi this December. We are still planning on attending the North American Young Rider Championships in Kentucky this July.

Thanks Again!