Nick Warhol

Hi Dave,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with the Specialized Euro light that I bought a couple of years ago.   I have been riding my Donnie horse for about 6 years now, with the first 4 in a different saddle that fit him okay, but was never really comfortable for me.  It wasn’t adjustable, and used a thick pad that always made me feel like I was sitting “on top” of the horse.  The saddle would slide back and forth, and would slip to the sides on occasion.   Mark Housley suggested I look at the Specialized, so I took one home from the convention two years ago and gave it a try.   I watched your fitting video and set upon my horse with a whole toolbox of stuff expecting it to be a lot of work.  It wasn’t at all, in fact it only took me 30 minutes to figure it out and get it set.  Donnie has one shoulder a little bigger than the other, and all it took was one different size shim and a little drop of the front panel to get it to fit.  I started riding him, and from the first minute I was surprised how well it fit him, and especially me.   It was like riding bareback compared to my previous saddle.  I could feel the horse underneath me, and the balance was so much better I cannot believe it.  I use the thin pad and mohair girth, and after the initial adjustment I have not touched it. The saddle does not move-  I don’t even use a breast collar anymore except on Tevis.  The sweat marks are perfect; the air channel on his back is always dry.  It is extremely light, which is important for me as a middleweight rider on a smaller horse.  We have done about 1400 miles now with the saddle, including four 100’s and twice at Tevis.    And although it may sound like an advertisement, the horse really does move much better with the Euro Light and thin pad.   I could not be more satisfied with the saddle.  Wait, there is one problem-  I could not figure out how to get water bottles to stay on the front of the saddle.  Try as I might they just flopped around.   I talked to you at the convention and asked if you had a solution.  You shipped me a pair of matching leather bottle holders that fasten onto the saddle with the existing screws.  Bingo- perfect.   The bottles mount solidly and you can use them to lift the saddle off and on.  So much for that problem.

I really can’t think of anything else to complain about- the saddle is that good.  I know not every saddle works with every horse, but I found one that is magic on Donnie, and that’s the only one he will ever see on his back.   Thanks so much for the product, and the ongoing support you have provided.

A very happy customer!

Nick Warhol  West Region
Forever Dawn GA  (AKA Donnie)