Terry Peiper

Terry Peiper has been specializing in “Helping Horses with Their People” for over 25 years as a riding instructor, trainer and clinician.  She is certified and was recognized for being one of the Top 50 Riding Instructors in America by the American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA).   She is an accredited Richard Shrake Resistance Free ® Trainer/Instructor and a Biomechanics Coach certified by the International Society of Rider Biomechanics.

Terry has more than 40 years horse showing experience at 4-H, A rated, Appaloosa regional, national and world level shows, barrel racing, dressage and side-saddle shows.  She also fox hunted and hunter paced regularly for 10 years and was a certified Open Show Judge for over 10 years.

Recognizing the huge need for proper saddle fit not only for her horses but for her students as well, Terry has started the Fit Right Saddle Solutions business.   “Helping Horses with Their People and Their Saddles” through personalized saddle fit evaluations.  Other services offered include demos and lectures, private and group riding lessons and clinics.

To learn more about Terry, Fit Right Saddle Solutions & Buck N Horse Hollow please visit    www.bucknhorsehollow.com

Terry Peiper
Fit Right Saddle Solutions
Buck N Horse Hollow

Website: www.bucknhorsehollow.com
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Sue Maiwald

Sue MaiwaldSue Maiwald is located in Western Iowa in the heart of the Loess Hills. A lifetime horse owner,  she is now an avid trail rider and loves to compete in the sport of Competitive Trail Riding, or CTR.   As a member of the North American Trail Ride Conference she has competed in Novice and CP and won numerous awards  with her favorite horse Rock’s Strollin Jim aka Domino!

You can’t compete at this level if you or your horse are in pain so proper saddle fit is a must for both horse and rider.   As the horse progresses through his training and conditioning, his muscles develop and his body changes.  The quest for the perfect saddle fit led Sue to Specialized Saddles!  With a Specialized saddle you are able to adjust the width, arch and angle and fit your horse though all his changes! The light weight of these saddles and design are perfect for Competitive trail or endurance riding.   Quality of workmanship goes into each saddle and they are as beautiful as they are functional

Sue Maiwald

E-mail: sue.maiwald@yahoo.com
Phone:  (402) 350-3249

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Bente Broberg Nesvåg

My name is Bente Broberg Nesvåg, and represent Specialized Saddle in Norway.
I grew up to love animals, but most of all horses. And when I was 8 years old, my father let me begin to ride horses. Some years later I competed in showjumping, but didn’t feel like it was the right thing for me to do. But some years later I discovered endurance riding, and fell in love with this type of competition and environment.  At that time I had an English dressage saddle, but I did begin to hurt from my hips and down to my ankles.. It went so bad that I was thinking of giving up riding horses. But one year later I got to try one Specialized International saddle and I didn’t hurt any more! I could ride mile after mile without any pain! It was almost not to believe.

I just had to get a saddle like that myself, and ordered one from Specialized Saddle – and have never regret that!

The reason that I got pain in my body when I was riding in my English saddle is because I have rheumatism. I have also a disease in my knees, causing me to not go for any walks.. I can ride, but not take any walks.

I have been riding endurance for three years now with my Arabian horse KA Etanec. He is a 12 years old gelding, that is born at Krone Arabian stud in Norway.

In 2009 we won silver in Championship for teams, and in 2010 we won gold in Championship for teams! We are now qualified to compete in FEI endurance competitions, and have been competed in Germany and Denmark this year.

I have lost count of how many saddles I have tried on him, but he has responded with back problems. But when I got my Specialized International saddle to him three years ago, he has never got back problems at all.

Next year I am competing with my young Arabian gelding HA Macao also. He is just three years old now and are been broken this days. He comes from Hagen Arabian Stud in Norway.

The unique fitting system is just perfect for my young horse. He is very sensitive for pressure from the saddle, and without the fantastic 3 D – fitting system I would have trouble finding a saddle that fit him as perfect as Specialized saddle does.

Now I have no more pressure from the saddle, no more sore back, no more pain from hips to ankles, my horse got much better movements and got more free in front to take longer steps.

In any opportunity I tell about this fantastic saddles that comes from Specialized Saddle, and hope as many people as possible can experience what I have experienced using these wonderful saddles.

Bente Broberg Nesvåg

Website : http://hest.no/blogg/blogg.html?bid=8422
E-mail : b-brobe@online.no
Phone : ( 0047 ) 98891615 ( cell )

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